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HALE 2 Pcs Paket Skincare Moisturizer + Oil

159.000,00 318.000,00
HALE 2 Pcs Paket Skincare Moisturizer + Oil

1. Comfort Zone + Blue Oil: mencerahkan kulit sensitif
2. Comfort Zone + Clear Oil: meredakan jerawat
3. All Rounder + Blue Oil: mencerahkan kulit berminyak
4. All Rounder + Clear Oil: mencerahkan kulit berjerawat
5. Smooth Like Butter + Blue Oil: mencerahkan kulit kering
6. Smooth Like Butter + Clear Oil: melembapkan kulit berjerawat
7. Deep Oasis + Blue Oil: mencerahkan kulit berminyak
8. Deep Oasis + Clear Oil: melembapkan kulit berminyak & berjerawat

Comfort Zone Soothing Moisturizer (40gr)
BPOM: NA18200108457
Normal price: IDR 129,000
ED: 12/06/2024
Fast-absorbing moisturizer that soothes irritated skin. It effectively hydrates & moisturizes, maintains healthy skin barrier, calms skin, & makes skin feels smooth & plump, without feeling sticky.

All Rounder Gel Cream Moisturizer (40g)
BPOM: NA18200108959
Normal price: IDR 129,000
A gel-cream moisturizer that provides your skin with long lasting hydration. Packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients (niacinamide, vitamin E, ubiquinone, resveratrol, cocoa seed extract, green tea extract, centella asiatica extract), skin brightener (licorice root extract), anti-aging (adenosine), and skin-soother (allantoin).

HALE Smooth Like Butter Bifida & 5 Ceramides Cream Moisturizer (40g)
BPOM: NA18220110480
Normal price: IDR 149,000
A soft cream moisturizer with a smooth-like-butter finish. Contains 12% glycerin, 1% Panthenol, and Hyaluronic Acid Complex Solution that hydrates and moisturizes deep into the skin; Allantoin, Bifida Ferment Lysate, and Beet Root Extract that reduce redness, soothe, and protect the skin from irritation; and 5 types of ceramide including 2% Ceramide NP that effectively strengthen skin barrier. As a primer, this product helps you get a smooth base for a long-lasting makeup, with a healthy skin finish

HALE Deep Oasis | Sleeping Mask + Night Moisturizer + Eye Cream (40g)
BPOM: NA18220110481
Normal price: IDR 149,000
An overnight mask containing superfine spherical powder that helps refine pores and has film-forming ability to lock hydration and moisture longer on the skin. Its light cream formula quickly absorbs while you sleep and its skin-soothing ingredients help calm redness and reduce irritation from allergens.
The beautiful blue color comes from non-fragrant plant extracts. No fragrance and simple alcohol added. Bumil Busui Friendly. All skin types.

HALE Blue Brightening Facial Oil (15ml)
BPOM: NA18221900052
Normal price: IDR 189,000
Not your ordinary face oil! This lightweight and non-greasy face oil brightens, moisturizes, and locks all the hydration and nutrition your skin needs. Contains a blend of naturally-derived antioxidants that also protects your skin from damages caused by UV rays.

HALE Clear Plant Derived Squalane Oil (15ml)
Normal price: IDR 189,000
BPOM: NA18220100437
A lightweight, multi-tasking plant-based squalane oil that instantly relieves dry skin by locking in essential moisture. Excellent non-comedogenic emollients that reduce the loss of hydration, helping the skin regain its suppleness.

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