HALE.O everyone!

Picking skincare products that work for each of us can be difficult. We find a whole lot of products range out there in the market, so many theories, so many 'we are #1' or 'we are the best' kind of products, but how do we actually know that they are the one for us?

We want skincare to be simple, safe, effective, and reasonably priced.
We want our skin to be strong and healthy and thus, look its best. Not to mention, we want EVERYONE including people with sensitive skin to be able to enjoy our products. Therefore, we decided to formulate our products to be free of simple alcohol and fragrance (including fragrant plant extracts and oils), but still making sure that you get the best sensorial experience possible.

We hope that you can enjoy our basic skincare that is thoughtfully formulated for any skin type and we hope you will have an enjoyable journey to achieve #StrongAndHealthy skin with us.


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