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Hale Bundle: Let's Clay! Clay Mask + Lip Sheen

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A special package of Let's Clay! Licorice, Green Tea, and Charcoal Clay Mask Old Formula (85gr) and SHEEN Tinted Lip Balm + UV Filter (4gr)


Casts your dead skin cells away and cleanses the skin from all the dirts and pollutants, with micro scrub for an extra gentle exfoliation to the skin.

What is it?
Clay mask that will cleanse your skin and remove excessive oil that might congest your pores.

What to expect?
Clean pores, minimized pore appearance, better skincare product absorption.
It also helps as a spot treatment so your acne heals faster.
No tight feeling after rinsing.

What’s in it?
Kaolin and charcoal: remove excessive oil and dirt, making your face thoroughly cleansed
Licorice and Green Tea: soothe and calm the skin, no irritation occurs
Vitamin E and Glycerin: maintains hydration so your face is cleansed but not dried out


Sheen. Tinted Lip Balm + UV Filter
HALE Sheen Tinted Lip Balm

HALE Sheen Tinted Lip Balm + UV Filter (4g) accents your lips with a soft, natural color while also protecting your lips from the damage that UV rays cause. The texture glides smoothly on the lips and gives you a subtle glossy finish that makes your lips look moist and healthy!

Color on the picture may vary due to lighting.

What's in it?
vitamin E as an antioxidant that cares for your lips and adds extra protection from UV light.
highly moisturizing barriers that prevent moisture from evaporating from your lips, making your lips feel hydrated and smooth.
Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate (EHMC) as a UV filter.

Formulated without paraben and talc.

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