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HALE Bundle: Honey, I Dew + SHEEN in Scarlett

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A package of  Honey I Dew Gel Cleaner (85ml) and SHEEN in Scarlett (4g)


Honey I Dew Gel Cleaner (85ml) 

Who is this product for?

Males females, all ages, basically everyone who washes their face.

What does it do?
Cleanses the skin (from oil, dirt, makeup residue) effectively without drying it out, maintains healthy skin barrier

Why is it different?
1. Minimal ingredients. Non-drying biodegradable cleansing agents 
2. Low pH (pH= 5.0-6.0) = good for skin barrier 
3. Contains soothing antibacterial & antifungal ingredient (honey) 
4. Suitable for sensitive skin (Free from fragrance, essential oils, simple alcohol & paraben free

What’s in it?

- Mild, non drying, biodegradable cleansing agents: sodium methyl cocoyl taurate & cocamidopropyl betaine
- Effective hydrators, antifungal & antibacterial ingredient: glycerin & honey extract


HALE Sheen Tinted Lip Balm + UV Filter (4gr) accents your lips with a soft, natural color while also protecting your lips from the damage that UV rays cause. The texture glides smoothly on the lips and gives you a subtle glossy finish that makes your lips look moist and healthy!


Shade: Scarlett
Color on the picture may vary due to lighting.

What's in it?

  • vitamin E as an antioxidant that cares for your lips and adds extra protection from UV light.
  • highly moisturizing barriers that prevent moisture from evaporating from your lips, making your lips feel hydrated and smooth.
  • Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate (EHMC) as a UV filter.

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